Are Hiking Boots Waterproof

Are Hiking Boots Waterproof
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If you are planning to get a new pair of hiking boots, you would want something that you can wear in all types of terrain, which will keep your feet protected in rocky trails and dry in wet conditions. If you are the kind of person with a ‘Ulysses soul’ inside you, always excited to embark on the road less traveled, you need a boot that can take a lot of beating. One of the important things that you might want to know is – are hiking boots waterproof?

We will tell you why this is so important, especially for those with an adventurous spirit! You take the path untraveled; you don’t know what you might expect during your trip. You may have to pass through a river creek or face a downpour during your trip.

If your hiking boots are not waterproof, you risk getting your feet wet. This results in a lot of discomfort and increases your chances of getting blisters on your feet.

Despite this, not all hiking boots are fully water resistant. Some are designed only for dry terrain and you must ensure there’s no forecast of rain before treading along the trail wearing these shoes.

There are some hiking boots that are partially water resistant. This means they can withstand slightly wet terrain and still keep your feet dry and warm.

Most branded hiking boots have one thing in common – they come with some waterproofing ability so if you need to pass through a shallow creek without fully submerging your boots, you should be fine.

Features of fully waterproof hiking boots

If you plan to tread along unknown terrain that might surprise you with a flowing river or a gentle stream, a fully waterproof hiking boot will give you they confidence to go ahead without fearing about getting your feet wet.

Waterproof hiking boots are made of durable waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex or eVent. This prevents water from seeping inside the boot so you don’t get your feet wet.

However, the one downside of wearing fully water resistant boots is that it compromises with the breathability aspect of the shoes.

Fully water-resistant boots will not have ventilating mesh you can otherwise find in non-waterproof footwear. So, this might cause your feet to sweat during summer days.

Who needs fully waterproof hiking boots?

If you are a beginner who plans to start with short day trips, you can choose a decent hiking boot that comes with minimum waterproofing ability. This will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable even if it drizzles or you happen to pass through a wet and muddy patch.

However, those who are game for challenging trails and the road less taken which might be filled with gurgling streams, puddles and flowing rivers, need hiking boots with enhanced waterproofing ability.

If you have an adventurous spirit that beckons you to embark on a wet trail or set out on a journey despite the forecast of heavy rain, you better invest in good pair of fully waterproof hiking boots to stay safe and dry. Here are a few advantages of wearing a waterproof hiking boot:

  • It gives you the support and reliability required when treading on wet or slippery surfaces
  • It offers better traction and grip to keep you safe from accidental slips and falls down wet slopes
  • It keeps your feet dry, comfortable and warm even if you pass through rivers and puddles
  • It protects your feet from infection causing bacteria that might be present in the water


To sum up the answer for ‘are hiking boots waterproof’, we would say yes…most of them come with some waterproofing ability. However this ability may vary from model to model. There are some low cost hiking boots that say they are waterproof but they can get your feet wet if you walk on grass that has morning dew.

So, if you are looking to buy real waterproof hiking boots that can keep your feet dry even if you pass through a creek or walk on wet surfaces, we suggest that you spend some time researching. Some of the best waterproof hiking boots are Timberland Chocorua Trail Boot, KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot, and Merrell Moab Mid-Waterproof Hiking Boot.

We recommend that you read online reviews and see what other users are saying regarding the waterproof ability of a particular model before hitting the purchase button.